I Got This, Totally!

Go90X is done in the next 24 hours and I am counting the minutes!  I’ve always been a person that loves to check tasks off from a list.  I think I’m over that obsession now, thank you very much!  What are my top 10 thoughts about the last 29 days?  Trust me, I had more than ten but they’re better left alone.....

10. I enjoyed interacting with the other agents involved who supported each

9. I loved the structure of our days, it helped keep me focused.

8. I’m not as technology challenged as I thought, I now have a YouTube channel, although I still can’t handle listening to my Michigan accent.

7. Handwritten notes are a dying craft and yet mean so much to those that are the recipients.

6. I love to Blog, whether people read my Blog or not.  It’s a great outlet for  
thoughts, feelings or whatever is happening in my personal and business 
life at the time. 

5. I’ve learned to love Tweeting, it has the same attention span as me, short
and sweet.

4. This is a tough business, every day.

3. I work for a company that truly wants me to succeed.

2. I still detest those phone calls.  So when I call, just put me out of my 
misery and pick up the  #@%! phone.  I thank you kindly, really. 

1. I got this, totally!

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