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I love my job..... 

Ross and I can't tell you how much we appreciate you and everything that you did for us. As first time home buyers, we were so confused about the whole process. We both really appreciated you explaining everything so clearly so that we could understand each stipulation on the houses that we looked at. We were very indecisive and wanted to see everything out there since this was our first time doing this, yet you never once discouraged us, even when we were looking in crazy places. You were always willing to schedule appointments around our work schedules so that both of us could be present to look at each house. We appreciated that you were always available to answer our questions, no matter the time or method of communication. I also can't thank you enough for popping by school to get forms signed so that we could move along with the offer process. Your willingness to come to my work place so that I could quickly sign a document really was above and beyond what we could have asked from you. With a short closing scheduled we were very thankful that we could get everything that we needed to do before the 30 days. We have been in our new home almost a year now and we still love it. Purchasing a house was the best decision that we have made. Thank you for making the whole process worthwhile and easy! We keep telling our friends who are in the market about you because of how talented you are in the complex word for real estate.
Ross & Beth D.

 My family and I were relocating from Cumming GA
 to Cary NC about 2 years ago. Susie Lamb-Tonnemacher
 was our realtor. All of you out there in need of a realtor....

..............look no farther........................................

My daughters and I drove here to Cary to look at homes.
We looked at at least 9 homes. Each one was worse than
the other. Looking back now, we laugh over it, but at the time
this was no laughing matter. I remember most of all,
Susie turning to my daughters
and asking them out of all of the homes which one did
they like the most. She was kind and interested in their answers.
I also realized that that question
gave her insight as to who we were as a family.
and what our needs were.
We indeed have a home here in Cary.
Thanks to Susie!

My husband and I have lived and owned homes
in many far, Susie is the
best Realtor We have ever encountered!

Anne and Jim B.

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  1. Susie, lots of people think realtors just help people buy or sell. Gerry and I really felt so much better when you took time to recommend realtors in Michigan to help us sell our mother's home. Thank you so much for taking time to search out people who would work with us.