Keeping the Momentum

It's done, finished, adios Go90X.   What to do now with all this extra time?  Answer:  keep the momentum going!  Which is no easy task, but I'm trying, really.  Today is the first day it actually feels done.  Since I spent all of yesterday at the office (it was Sunday) today I've decided to take a break, sort of a break.  While my husband was at an appointment this morning which required me to be there so I could drive him home,  I cleaned out and organized over 350 emails.  I've made a buyer appointment for Wednesday and a seller appointment tonight to finish the details on a new listing.  So, I'd say the momentum continues.  Remember, Spring is here, rates are low and inventory is rising since this is the busy season.  Lots of options to choose from!  Call me if you or someone you know is buying or selling, I'd love to help!

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