My Name is Bach and I'm Not a Composer

Monday saw a major change in the Tonnemacher house.  We have a new four legged family member named Bach—yes, after the composer.  He is our son’s rescue dog and he is a welcome addition!  It has been four years since our sweet Chevy passed and it has been a very quiet and quite often lonesome time.  You don’t realize how a pet can add a special presence in your life until they are gone.  The silence in the house is different.  It is truly silent.

Well, no more!  Bach has brought back the presence. However, like many rescue dogs, he came with a bit of an issue.  He has separation anxiety.  So far he hasn’t been too destructive—only having nibbled on a corner of the French doors on my sunporch and leaving behind dog hair after lounging on the couch.  He did dribble a bit but, thankfully, that was on the tile.  His anxiety presents itself as serious pacing.  Every time Nate leaves the house he begins pacing around and around the house.  It seems the only way I can get him to calm down is to allow him up on the big red chair in my office (also the sunporch) while speaking softly and petting him.  We’re hopeful this will pass in a few months when he is assured that we’re his forever family.  His last owner left him, basically, abandoned in a dog run behind their house.  We were told that there were times when they would forget to feed him for a few days.  It’s so sad to know we have people like that in our world. 

Well, Bach is home now.  And I have to say, he couldn’t be in a better place to gather back his faith in mankind and we’re happy to feel we have that special presence back in our home

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