Yelp? Huh?

Those were my exact words when I first heard the word "Yelp."  Turns out it's a pretty cool place for people to find area small businesses, eating places, museums, you get the idea.  But, besides getting the name of the establishment, you get reviews from people that have visited before you.  Now you don't have to wonder if it's worth your time or not, because someone else has ventured out before you.  Check out for your area and just play around with the names of different business types.  It can be rather addictive!  While you're on Yelp, would you do me a huge favor?  In the "search for" field type in Go Realty and in the "near" field put Cary NC.  This will pull up "Go" and you can then read a little about the environment we've created here at Go.  If you're adventurous,  join and then "friend" me if you'd like and we can share reviews and thoughts.  If not, just enjoy learning about the area you are in for the day...maybe Raleigh, NC maybe Los Angeles CA.  Who knows, with Yelp you can go just about anywhere and still feel at home!

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