Hello, It's Me Calling

We all do something to earn a living so we can pay the bills, save for our future or college for our kids, and hopefully have some money left over to have fun.  Well, I do real estate to earn my living and I do it daily whether I want to or not.  Yup, like you, there are days that I struggle with my career choice.  Many people think Realtors just fall into the business, which some do, or do it in between their tennis or golf, which does happen.  Many people think it’s easy, so why not go into the business!  Idiots is what I call those people, no offence.  I don’t do this part time, just for fun or to earn a little extra “pin” money.   Real estate is what I’ve chosen to practice to contribute to my family's finances and I’m happy with my choice.  I just have good days and bad, like everybody.  But recently I’ve had lots of good days.  Even while making my dreaded, hated, calls.  Those of you who know me, know I detest prospecting calls.  So I avoid them at all cost.  I can be really creative with my excuses!  Not making them does cost me, in missed referrals and the opportunity to catch up with friends and former clients on the phone.  Being in real estate is tough.  It is a daily battle to keep in front of people, including my friends and family, so they remember this is what I do for my living and will, hopefully, remember me when someone they know wants to buy or sell a home.  But because of my recent move to Go Realty, making these phone calls doesn’t seem so hard.  I have no idea why, maybe its the contagious, positive environment they insist we all maintain. Or maybe it’s the thought of giving my first Go Gives Back check to The Healing Place or even the thought of playing Angry Bird on my new Ipad at the end of February. (Notice how I’m calling it MY Ipad?)  Maybe it was that Mimosa I was given when I came in today, Valentine's Day, for our Go Show (sales meeting).  Who knows, all I do know is that something has changed in my attitude.  Doing this job is more fun than it was in the past, not easier, but more fun.   I hope you have fun at your job, after all, we spend a good portion of our lives "on the job"!  What do you do to earn your “living” and what do you love about your job? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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  1. Nicely done, Susie. You are definitely one of the most positive people I know! Go get 'em!