My Neighborhood Value Depends on Me

Worried about your neighborhood value?  Have neighbors that park their cars on the street, leave their garbage cans out, don't mow their grass on a regular basis?  These are all little things that become big things when you go to sell.  To the tune of upwards of 7-10% if industry experts are to be believed.  Yes, you read that right.  On a $250,000 house that's a potential loss of $17,500-$25,000.  Ouch!

So, what's a person to do?  See below for a few hints....

  1. Park the cars in the driveway or garage, that’s what they were designed for. Parking on the street tells people the garages aren’t big enough and parking space is inadequate.  
  2. Mow the lawn, trim and keep the bushes in front properly cut so the windows can be seen.  Nothing says “unloved house” more than a poorly maintained yard.
  3. Weed the flower beds and mulch.  There’s nothing quite like the look of freshly spread mulch.  It’s almost as if the house stands up straighter when its done.  Besides it protects plants and trees from our hot weather.
  4. Wash the exterior once or twice a year depending on the weather.  After all, we take a shower every day to keep up appearances, why wouldn’t we do the same for our house. Besides, that green fungus from the humidity doesn’t compliment the paint color on the house.
  5. Put the garbage and recycling cans out of sight, they’re ugly and no one should have to see them.  They somehow mess up the whole picture.
  6. Keep the gutters clean.  Clogged gutters cause water to pour out during storms which translates into possible wood rot.  I hate wood rot, its such a pain to fix, its expensive and it makes a house look totally neglected.
  7. Plant flowers, perennials are good.  Plant once and forget them.  My kind of flower.  They also make a house look loved.  Can you say "Curb Appeal?"
  8. Keep junk out of sight.  The wheelbarrow needs to be in the garage or shed, not in the front yard.  
  9. Keep the mailbox cleaned and painted.  Oh, and make sure the post is straight.  
  10. Help a neighbor in need.  Maybe your neighbor has health issues and can’t maintain his yard the way he would like or has some other issues in his life that are distracting him from caring for his home..  We all have our life challenges.  Help him out and you’ll be protecting more than the value of your neighborhood.
  11. Last but not least, if you can't do numbers 1-10, then maybe condo living is more your style.  

Images from Google Images.  If they are yours and you wish me to remove them, please contact me direct SusieT@GoRealty.Biz.  


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