It's Go90X Again, Pray for Me...Really!

It's February, the month of love, the month of wicked snow storms in the great white North (my old stomping grounds), sunny yet cool days in North Carolina, and the annual Go90X Challenge.  Yeah, can't believe I'm actually doing this again.  Remember last year?  All the phone calls, hounding on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It has begun again.  This is day #2.

Though he is glad I'm challenging myself again, my husband, Gary, asked me what it was that made me decide to go through this process again.  So I had to really think about the why, and here is what I came up with:

  • Why not?
  • I love challenges, to a degree.
  • I don't like to watch people suffer, my colleagues, so I decided to join them.
  • It would be an epic fail if I didn't at least try.
  • I don't like being an epic fail, so I'm trying.
  • I LOVE making phone calls, NOT!
  • Go90X keeps me focused, not an easy task.
  • I don't want to let down my BIC, Kevin Woody, or Go Realty. 
  • Go believes in their agents, and I am a Go Agent!
  • I want a grown-up bed, with a real headboard and footboard...which is my prize for succeeding.  Yeah, you read that right.  At Go and for those that already received the IPad (I won mine last year) we get to choose our prize.  And I would really like a bed, which I'm going to need if I survive this year!
There is a very good chance I will be calling, so don't hit "Ignore" on your phone because I'll just hit "redial" on my phone... XO to all my Fans!

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