Repairs Repairs Repairs

What is the one thing that can cause a real estate transaction to head south?  Repairs.  The ugly in every transaction.  Repair issues have the potential to bring out the worst in everybody, no one is immune if negotiations head south.  Does this always have to be the case?  No.  More times than not, I have been fortunate to have an agent and their client who have the same goal in mind as I and my client - getting to the closing table.  Even when repairs are significant and the sellers are possibly short on some cash, a solution is out there.  It simply takes teamwork.  Sometimes as an agent we focus only on our client and "protecting them" which causes us to lose site of the big picture. CLOSING!  That is what everyone, ultimately, wants to see happen. Cooperation, understanding, empathy, keeping a level head, and give and take are all things imperative to a successful repair negotiation.  Without those and a few others, the ugly will win.  And then we all lose.

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