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The Healing Place.  Such an appropriate name for a recovery/rehab center for our homeless men and women of Wake County, NC.  We all need a healing place.  For people suffering from the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction, whose lives seem hopeless, knowing there is a sanctuary they can turn to, and people they can trust, is the difference between recovery and getting their life back, to death on the streets, alone.
My Go Gives Back charity is the The Healing Place of Wake County.  Having alcoholism in my family since I was a small child and being surrounded, thankfully, by recovery and parents who were heavily involved in helping those with addiction, this was a no brainer.  What is beautiful about The Healing Place is their belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to heal from this disease, no matter how many tries at sobriety it takes or how long.  They believe in the human spirit.  Go Healing Place!
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