Go90X - Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Tuesday begins the traditional Go90X challenge at my company, Go Realty.  This challenge lasts for the next month and includes daily relationship building activities.   It is an intensive program designed to work our business in new and different ways.  Part of me is totally intimidated, after all I’m competing with alumni of the original Go90X.  The other part of me is thinking, “Thank the Lord!  Finally I’ll have a daily plan of action to follow that will guide me as I learn.”  The challenge is designed around the concept of the P90X exercise program that is so popular.  I even have a copy of it, somewhere.  There are the Core Workouts (phone calls, hand written notes, MLS work, etc.) and then there are the Muscle Confusion exercises (video creation, blogging, Tweeting, listing presentations, etc.).  Everyday will be different and challenging.  Some exercises will be easy, some will stretch us in new ways.  By the end, I expect to be strong in areas where I was weak, and more toned in areas where I had some muscle but needed a bit of fine tuning.  Kind of like my body actually, but we won’t go there.  Either way, I’ll be better!  Of course, the winning prize is a big incentive.  It’s an I Pad 2 (or hopefully the new 3)!

I know that you who are my friends, family and clients will support me.  So, when I call or email you in the next month, feel free to answer your phone and chat or shoot me an email back and tell me how your life is going.  I do love keeping in touch and I plan on doing a much better job with that particular core exercise in 2012.  Of course, if you could send up a prayer that my family is still speaking to me by the end of this challenge that would be appreciated too.....
Let the Games Begin!

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