Why Go Realty?

This is my first experience of "Blogging."  The Blog name comes from where I spend many hours daily and also serves as my home office, my sunporch.  My goal is to post thoughts and reflections on daily happenings I hope you all will find helpful, mind opening and most of all, fun. Whether it is life thoughts or real estate information, I welcome your input, your ideas and your humor. With that said, many people have asked me "Why Go Realty and what is with that name?"  Well, here's my answer...

I consider myself a "slightly conservative"--depending on my mood, play by the books, stay inside the line, kind-of-girl.  I was raised with a father that was a banker, also conservative, but quietly so.  My mom, on the other hand, never believed in staying within the lines and was not even remotely conservative...and she managed to teach her three girl's (and my brother) that stepping outside of the lines was necessary in life if you wanted to grow and be a better person. 

For me, moving from the big blue giant and over to the smaller but way more progressive Go Realty, I finally stepped outside of the lines!  It was not a decision I made at the spur of the moment but one that took many months, lots of conversation with friends, family and even past clients.  At Big Blue I had earned my own office over the years and this was a huge deal to many agents, including me at the time.  At Go their philosophy is totally different.  We work together in a big open space with lots of windows, comfy chairs and huge, beautiful pictures of the family's we have helped in the purchase or sale of their home in the Triangle area.  We're surrounded with the reason we do what we do and it is very refreshing!

The name Go Realty?  At Go there is a strong feeling that we have a responsibility to those around us to Go Be Better. "Go" be a better, wife, mother, daughter, community volunteer, Catholic, Realtor, and person. It's as simple as that.

Go Realty is not your father's real estate company!

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